BRUTALISTA 01 — 2023

In the series of functional objects entitled ‘BRUTALISTA’, the designer takes over the tool from the craftsman, more specifically, the handsaw. One sheet of timber-based material and the availability of only one handsaw is ‘the brutal idea’ behind this project – One Sheet. One Saw. One Object.

The limited possibilities of the handsaw determine not only the shape of the object, but also the texture of the surface. The saw shows its commitment as we rarely or never see it in the craft; rough and unpolished in its fairest form.

Constructed from one-piece layers, hand-sawn Valchromat. Surfaces are partly covered with sawdust, water-based lacquered.

d 980 x w 1170 x h 250 mm
(table top d 850 x w 1170 mm)

Available at Form Editions